BHNPS League Members Interview District 21 Legislators

League of Women Voters - LWVBHNPS

BHNPS Interviews District 21 Legislators

LWVNJ requested local leagues interview their state senators and assembly members. The Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit League arranged separate zoom meetings with our District 21 Senator Jon Brannick and individual Zooms with each of our 2 representatives in the NJ Assembly, Nancy Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis. We asked each of our elected officials questions pertaining to the state League’s mission – voting rights and possible reforms, redistricting, and priorities for the next session. The interviews gave us a chance to meet our representatives and learn their opinions as well as share with them the role and goals of the League of Women Voters NJ

We asked two extra questions regarding their views on Legislative efforts to make NJ a “Pump Your Own Gas” state and their thoughts on the move in the US Congress to make daylight savings time permanent throughout the U.S.


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